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00981 DD 63A 3PH DISTRO HP18

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00981 DD 63A 3PH DISTRO HP18

Power distribution box, ideal for the stage and events environment, supplied with PCE plugs and sockets with MCB Type C on the incoming & RCBO breakers on each outgoing socket.

Integrated HDPE handles and rubber feet. Stackable


63A 415V 3PH+N+E IP67 Appliance Inlet + Neons protected by an overall 63A C TYPE 4P MCB

1x 63A 415V 3PH+N+E IP67 Panel Socket Unprotected Link Out

3x 19 Pin Female Socapex + Neons Protected By 3x 6x 16A 2P 30ma RCBOS

18x 16A 230V 1PH+N+E True 1 + Neons Wired Parallel With the Socapex

Overall Digital Meter - Single Phase and Three Phase Multifunction Energy Meter


Earth Stud


Incoming Amperage 63 Amp
Voltage 415
Housing Material HDPE (High Density Polly Ethylene) 
Dimensions  L 575 x D 420 x H 400 (including rubber feet)
Weight KG 24
Warranty 12 Months
Product Standard BSEN 61439-1 & 4, BSEN 7909, BSEN61557-6
Product Standard CE Approval/UKCA
Country of Origin Made in England